Why Crochet????

Why do I crochet? I get asked this more often than not and I for the longest time would simply state because I enjoy it. However, my reasoning stems from much deeper than that. In this post I am going to open up quite a bit.

                I started crocheting around the age of 8 or 9, my grandmother was the one who took the time to teach me. Little did I know that what she was doing was not just teaching me a craft to pass the time, but she was giving me a tool that would help me through some of my most vulnerable moments in life.

                For the longest time I simply did it for a way to escape (I grew up in a very abusive household). It was a way to take me to a whole other place. It was my own world that only I was a part of. Then, back in 2014 when I was 15 weeks pregnant with my youngest daughter, I found out that I in fact had cervical cancer. It literally felt as though my entire world was flipped upside down.

                It wasn’t as though I had a great support system (I no longer spoke to my parents and my then husband pretty much emotionally ‘checked out’ on me). I spent many nights on the couch by myself crying myself to sleep. I had finally broken down. I had what seemed like nothing left in me. I would wake up and pretty much do the bare minimum to keep my other two kids alive and keep the house just clean enough to keep a fight from happening.

                Then one day while I was doing laundry I came across my bin of old crochet supplies (at this point it had been at least 4 years since I had picked up a hook and yarn). It was a though the cosmos where trying to distract me, to give me something else to focus on.

                I spent many days and hours at the hospital having ultrasounds, stress tests, blood work and the list goes on and on. I honestly feel as though if it weren’t for crochet I wouldn’t have made it through. I spent my days making ‘lovies’ for NICU babies and things for my own children. Since then I have just continued to crochet as a way to manage stress and my PTSD induced anxiety.

                I think that just like any art form, crochet too has a ton of therapeutic qualities and can help manage those who suffer from anxiety etc. It truly has been something that I look forward to doing every single day and I don’t ever want to be without it again.

                Tell me, why do you crochet???? Let me know in the comments below!!!!