What to do when the Crojo is gone…

Crojo… You all know what I am talking about. Your crocheting mojo. We all have it, yet we all also know how quickly it can be gone.

                You cannot tell me that you have never in your crocheting career, started a project and midway through just lost your desire to continue on. I am not gonna lie, that happened to me not too long ago while I was working on a simple double crochet blanket for my 9-year-old daughter. I had made it to the point where I only had about 9 rows left and a boarder. Then out of nowhere I literally lost all desire to finish it.

                This said blanket had sat in a laundry basket for nearly 5 months (just finished it this past Saturday night). While I had done some small projects here and there, that blanket killed all my desire to crochet (not to mention working full-time outside the home where I am on my feet all day).

                So what did I do to gain my Crojo back? I simply just forced myself to pick up a hook and some yarn and start creating. Just like that my crojo was back into full swing. It’s rough sometimes and life just has a way of happening. All I can tell you is that it’s okay to walk away sometimes. We all need that time of rebooting ourselves and when we come back, BOOM! We are now unstoppable in what we can create.

So keep your head up buttercup! It will come back to you and you will be greater than ever before!