Mandala Yarn Review: The Verdict is In!!!!


I have worked with many types of wonderful yarn (as many of you wonderful hookers have as well) and it will come to you as no surprise that I also have quit the yarn addiction as well. I cannot even begin to explain the pure bliss I feel when I enter the yarn isle and I begin to take my time touching each and every brand they have to offer.

So it should come as no surprise that when I first laid eyes on the Mandala yarn my heart began to do back flips! However, to my dismay I was one of the unfortunate states that Mandala had yet to make it presence known.

So for months and months, I sat and watched all the lovely ladies in my Facebook Crocheting Groups create some of the most amazing, visually stunning projects I had ever seen. I became obsessed with constantly checking my groups to see all the posts concerning this specific yarn.

Then the moment finally happened, my mister and I were at our local Meijer and to my complete shock, there it was!!!! So I snagged me three skeens and went home to begin my very first virus blanket. I cannot explain how excited I was.

No let me start off this review by telling you that the very first thought I had when I began to use the yarn (other than the colors being very vibrant), is how incredibly soft it was. Seriously it does have a wonderful texture to it. But, not long after I got into the project (like 3 rounds), I ran into a section that was tied together in a knot (pic below). I don’t know about you, but I find this to be such a letdown.

The next thing that I noticed almost instantly is that there is literally no gradual build up to the color changes in almost every single color switch (also pictured below). I found that to be one of the most disappointing features of this yarn. However, I still very much LOVE the color choices and how beautifully they all work together.

Now here is my BIGGEST and most concerning complaint. I saw literally no consistency when it came to the thickness of the yarn. I would go from normal feeling yarn to pretty much feeling as though I was working with thread. I don’t know if this was done on purpose to allow a difference in textures or what. But, I did break the yarn at one point literally just undoing a slight knot that had formed while I was working. SOOOOO DISSSSAAAPPPOINTED!!!!!

So what is my final take on this said Mandala yarn? And do I feel it is worth the $5.99?

Yes, I will most definitely purchase this yarn again. Even though I did have a few issues, I still feel as though this yarn makes a gorgeous project. I also think that it is very easy to work with and overall I truly enjoyed working with it!

So my dear readers, I hope you found this review to be helpful! Let me know your thoughts and experiences with the Mandala yarn in the comments section below!

Until next time, Happy Hooking!